There really isn’t any significant difference between an apartment and a condo. An apartment is a housing unit that is located in an apartment complex; the apartment complex is owned either by an individual or corporation. A condo is a housing unit that is exclusively owned by an individual in an apartment complex. So the difference is that if you rent a housing unit in an apartment complex that is owned entirely by an individual or corporation, you’re renting an apartment. But if you are renting a unit that has an owner, then you’re renting a condo. Condos always have owners who are registered with the homeowner association or HOA.

In terms of rent, an apartment and a condo are usually priced around the same range. But there are times when a condo can be a tad bit more expensive due to the unit being personalised by the house owner while apartment units have standard rates depending on how many rooms it has to offer or the square feet. So within an apartment complex apartment of similar size will be priced the same. While the price of renting a condo can vary depending on the features that the homeowner includes, even if other condos of the same size are priced lower.

The owner of the condo has more often than not lived in the condo at some point and thus the condo is bound to be a lot more personalised. If you’re looking for a unit that has not been used by anyone then renting an apartment will be more ideal for you. But one thing you have got to realise is that apartment complexes have an array of amenities, but they are common to everyone within the apartment complex. But if your condo has an indoor pool, then the pool belongs only to you. It is all about preferences.

The final minor difference is that condo owners may not be present at your beck and call to sort out issues. There are some condo owners who either live out of state or abroad. Thus they can be difficult to reach should you have an issue. But an apartment complex more often than not has an office where you can go to sort out the issues that you might encounter. If at all you did experience an issue with your condo and your condo owner is out of state then go to the homeowner association to help you out with the issue.